My Sketchbook Journal


This is my sketchbook. 
 It was a gift from my daughter. 

 I try to put only good drawings or good sketches in it, not my usual really nasty planning drawings. 
You know what I mean?  The scribbles one makes when one tries to get the eyes and arms all in the right place and it takes several draw overs to get it right.

Photos used, 1and 2 magazine photos. #4 credit, #5 courtesy Rich German
 So far I have been pretty good at keeping to this plan.  But lately I have been inspired to try drawing some city scenes like the great drawings I see at Virtual Sketchbook.    

 This is my first attempt using one of Kate Powell's photos from the Laguna Beach virtual sketch walk.  I was drawn to the pattern of the tree trunk, the arches and the blue canopy.  Not too bad on the tree but the building is "cattywumpus",  meaning "all bent out of shape".

My third attempt is drawn from a photo in the Haight Ashbury virtual walk folder.  This one does show some improvement.  Once again the tree is the best.  I am much better at drawing live things.  

                          Reddit Photoshop battle/muaagelianus    
After four attempts, (we don't need to look at the second and fourth drawings) I was losing my patience and confidence.  To feel better I had to draw something to regain the joy of drawing.

 Baby 'possum.
Awwww, that's better.

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Show Your Face
 and join in the fun.



  1. Until I joined the Ayala Art 29 faces and the Paint Party Friday and began meeting so many other artists, I had no idea there were so many fun choices and options.


    1. Thank you for viewing and following my blog.

  2. Always love to connect and see what other artists are up to. Love that baby 'possum

  3. They are all lovely, but the baby possum is my fave today. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. What a sweet possum! I think buildings are challenging, yours look great!

  5. Oh my goodness your baby possum had my heart at show your face and led me right over here to see it... Can't you see a whole book of this face... I LOVE it soooo much!! Adorable.. I really do love all things cute...

    Oh and your sketches are so inspiring.. I've never had a hankering to try that until I saw yours! Great job!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. lovely lovely sketches

    Happy PPF

    much love...

  7. I applaud you for your sketches! Drawings like these have always been too difficult for me. Love that adorable little opossum. Happy PPF!

  8. Fabulous sketches! Thanks for sharing your talent with us! Happy PPF :)

  9. your sketch is awesome... and kate is a favourite person of mine so I am even more enamoured with it... but that possum is so cute... delightful

  10. Love your sketches. The opossum is my fav.
    Happy weekend xx

  11. Your sketches are beautiful. I love that lil fellow peeking out. Wonderful.

  12. I like each sketch you have shown this week! The buildings don't have to be exactly straight or perfect to be good. And, the baby opossum is full of personality and charm!! Very nice!! I know what you mean about keeping one sketchbook for the overdraws and one for more finished things.

  13. So cute! Love your sketches and love that little possum!

  14. I will say the cuteness of that possum just slays me! But all the images on the page, plus the ones you didn't show, are all worthwhile! The one you called cattywumpus (LOL) has many nice features and the final one is great!

  15. Nice gift from your daughter. Your art is exciting but my fave is the Opossum.

  16. Awww baby possum--I want to kiss. xo


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