The Wearin' of th Green

Everything is turning green right in 
 time for St Patrick's Day.  We moved into our new house in the winter and all the trees were brown or bare.  This month the oak tree
in our back yard has burst into  beautiful green leaves.  Of course there is a good share of pollen too but it is all worth it.

In the park where we often go to walk the grounds are green and there are some little trees that are bursting with white jasmine like blossoms.  I saw these flowers at a nursery.  I have never seen anything like these. 
 What brilliant magenta and purple in each blossom.  Fantastic.

I love spring. 

Little green man, a Leprechan

And the Top o' th ' Mornin to 
Is everyone going green on  Thursday?  Green beer, green lights and green t-shirts so you don't get pinched.  Being a horse lover ever since my childhood, my favorite Irish spirit is the Pooka.  "Puca" means ghost or spirit in the old Irish language. It is a shape changer and can take on many animal and even human like shapes. Pooka is most commonly pictured as a wild back horse who rampages the countryside trampling crops and causing other mischief.  I have two interpretations  of Pooka.

This is a digital manipulation  made from a photo that I took of an old carousel house way, way back when I was in college.

Join us at Paint Party Friday.

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  1. Fran the photos of spring are so lovely. I really like your the horse. Very dynamic. Have a great weekend.

  2. Your paintings are amazing Fran! Very inspiring!
    Lovely photos of your garden! I adore this time of year, watching all the flowers appear, and the birds getting excitedly louder!
    Happy Spring!
    Alison x

    1. Thanks. I agree about the birds. It was so silent when we moved here in the winter. I am so glad to hear the birds return.

  3. I don't know where you live but those Fuchsias are gorgeous and early...must be a tree that is well maintained for them to return so beautifully!!Beautiful photos and I love your digital well done, beautiful!! Thanks for sharing! Happy St Patty's day to ya!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Oops I see the fuchsias are in hanging more like the end of summer here rather than the start of spring...stunning!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Thanks Giggles. The fuchsias were in a nursery too. That makes a difference. I would never even try to grow them. We are sub tropical here in the Houston/Galveston Tx. area.

  5. Hi Fran. These are great photos. I love the birds and will enjoy spring when it gets here.


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