August 21,2o16

Not sure I like the word abandonment.  I prefer gifting. The object is to leave random bits of art work in public places for others to find and hopefully appreciate.  See more here


I have left a few items but have no idea if anyone took them home or threw them away.  One was in a park near my home and I know it disappeared.  If the grounds keeper found it I hope he took it home rather than throwing it away.  Oh well, that is part of the game.

Hen and Chickens
 I may take this one to  hide in 
my sister in law's house this week.

I want to gift this one in a coffee shop

My favorite.  I may keep him for a while.

Perhaps in a garden shop

And I think these two are for my grand kids.


  1. Oh these are ALL so precious it would be hard to part with them!! Whoever finds these treasures I hope they enjoy them properly!! Great idea to gift them.. Did you add any words of inspiration on the back of them! I hope they are thrilled as I would be! All beautiful pieces!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Thank you Giggles. I am not good with words,just blank backs. I'll have to give that me thought

  2. So many adorable paintings! Love the accessories in the first one, the chicken one is so fun and vibrant. Love the coffee one and the cats and the flowers too :D

  3. lovely work :) and that is great of you to leave it for people to discover :) i know some people do that with books when they are done with them a note saying take me :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer. That's a good idea. I left one in an air port rest room one time, however not on purpose. I hope that someone found it and enjoyed it.

  4. I love your Cat ones. How can you part with them ? Do you write a note on the back ? It is a lovely idea. Marion x


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