Saturday, January 30, 2016



Portraits 1, 2 and 3 for 29 Faces in February

I was so in love with this photo of my grand daughter that I knew that I had to try to draw it.


 She and her brother were blowing bubbles in my backyard.  They were so engrossed in their  bubble fun that they were unaware of me and my camera.  When I called her name, she looked up and I captured her far away and slightly startled look. .. like a deer. 

Playing around with some digital cut outs.
I think this is my favorite.

My first watercolor portrait. 
I am afraid I lost my little girl along the way.
 Let's repeat that... it's my first.

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Autumn Spirit

While I was busy packing for our move, my supplies were limited. I drew two detailed pieces during this time using materials available to me which were ball point pens and a few colored pencils.  Inspired by the 1986 movie "Legend", I used the image of Oona the fairy and the blood moon to create the magic mood of an autumn night. 

Winter is coming...uh oh.  It is here and with a vengeance.  I have seen so many photos of deep snow that many of you are experiencing.  I love snow, a little of it anyway and for a short period of time.  Stay warm friends, and safe.

Meanwhile here on the Texas Gulf coast, we are having our winter of 40 degrees.. Oh brrrr, you say.  Yes we are lucky, and how about that stunning full moon we had last night.   Oh my!  

That Old Devil Moon

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Sunday, January 17, 2016


Revenant - One who returns, a ghost 
For those who have followed my blog previously,  
glad you came back and welcome to newcomers.
 I have been gone for a long time, and now I have returned.
I moved late in the year 2015 and gave up most of my drawing and painting.  This drawing is one which I made during my hiatus.  The theme which I chose to follow was "first lines" from a Facebook site called  "Art From the Heart"
I chose to illustrate the first lines of  T,S. Elliot's Jellicle Cats.  Most of my materials were packed but I did have ball point pens, a few colored pencils and copy paper. Sometimes necessity produces new avenues.  I liked working with these limited materials.  Maybe I will do more. We all love our most recent drawing and this one is still my favorite.

Hope you enjoy viewing the Jellicles and if you do please take a moment to just say a word or two.  Suggestions are also welcome. Hope you will visit again.

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