Saturday, April 30, 2016

Texas and the Paint Party

Remember the Alamo!


Last week end Hubby and I went to the annual reenactment of the Battle of San Jacinto.  Every April Texas history buffs, horsemen and reenactors gather at the San Jacinto monument located near the Houston Ship Channel where the actual site of the battle that ended the Texas battle for freedom from Mexico took place on April 21, 1836.  Cannons boomed, horses galloped and grown men dressed in frontier gear fired pop guns.  

 It was an interesting day with square dancers, Native American dancers and lots of banjo music and at the end of the day, a cool margarita and some enchiladas.  Perfect.

Here is what is on my desk this week. What Is On Your Workdesk Wednesday and in my art studio I had a helper, or at least a watcher. See her there peeking over the edge of the table?  She does not let me pet her very much but she loves to watch and follows me throughout the house.

 On my table you can see  a curious object decorated with artistic swirls. I found this at a resale shop.  It is a beatifully worked leather folder decorated with colored stones, a brass snake and a leather strap to tie it up.  Inside are pages of really nice buff colored paper that feels almost hand made.  I have no idea what I will do with it.  It is just too nice to scribble in but I simply could not resist it.  Any suggestions?

Here are my contributions to Paint Party Friday    Ya'll come on over and check us out.

I am embarking on a project, 100 Day Project. This is a project I read about on The Great Discontent - 100 Days Project  Using the alphabet as inspiration and beginning of course with A, I plan to make 26 small drawings or paintings based on each letter of the alphabet. This is my own personal challenge, I did not officially enter the 100 Days Project. I did cheat somewhat for the letter "C".  My painting for that day was ...disappointingLooking through my archives I found the "catfish" which fits the theme nicely.  So I did follow my rules of a drawing a day.  We will see what happens with the other 74 drawings...

I am also working on a larger piece using graphite pencil and colored  pencils. 

A burro standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon.  I have not decided on a name.   Does anyone have any ideas?

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Ink for Paint Party Friday

Some Ink Work

 No I didn't get a tattoo, just trying some quick evening drawing sessions with ink.  I am really enjoying practicing various ink textures, especially those of Edward Corey.  These were done for a themed month of drawings on Color Me Positive


Inner Beauty


 Some other activities this week, a quick business trip to the coast. But I did manage to get a few photos.

 The alligater?  This is bayou and swamp country.
  There are a lot of them
 That's my week, aside from a face plant on a neighborhood sidewalk.  But fortunately my large nose and hands took the largest brunt of the impact.  I am wearing a lovely nose bandaid.

  Linking up with lots of other great artists at Paint Party Friday.

And for Kitty Par-Tay, I pulled this one out of my archives.
Blue Cat and the Mice

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cat Art for Caterday Saturday

Funny Old Weasley

Weasley came to us as an almost new born.  My daughter found him in the parking lot at her school on a very rainy night.  His eyes were just barely open.  We nursed him with a baby bottle and he thrived in spite of a terrible infection which threatened to destroy his tail.  We nursed him through that with daily baths in antiseptic soap and his tail was saved.  He had a funny habit of resting with his elbows spread out to the side.

I made this drawing with ball point pens, challenging but fun.

Linking to Athena Cat Goddess Caterday
                    Kitty Par-TAY Feline art

Friday, April 15, 2016

It Was a Good Day

I am falling in love with my new little community, In the year 2000 an idea was born to encourage tourism by placing the Pelican Path Project was born.  Approximately 45 fiberglass penguins were placed around the area and artists were interviewed.  This is one charmingly painted like an artist.

One day this  past week hubby and I set off on a little adventure.  There are several intriguing little shops around town but they are  best explored with my daughter rather than hubby.  A story for another day.   So, we set off to stroll one of the many walking trails scattered throughout the town. This park had a beautiful little butterfly park, a huge ancient oak -( hi sweetie),  some wildlife and then some cool refreshment at our favorite pub at our favorite table with a great view. Yes it was a very good day.

I have been working on this piece off and on for the better part of a week.  I think now I can finally call it finished. These were both done for a challenge on "Color Me Positive"
 The first one is for the theme "Hope" and the second theme is "Brave".

Linking up with Paint Party Friday

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Caturday for 4/9

Some Old Stuff

I have absolutely no new artwork to show this week. I have a huge case of spring fever. Anyway, I went way back in my files to see what might be interesting.  I taught elementary art for a few years.  For the third grade class I taught a little unit on pointillism.  This is an example of the Cheshire Cat that I made to spark their interest.  I thought it would be great for Caturday art.

And for Stunning Keisha' Bloopers I found a photo of my furries that fit that theme. 

 To keep the dog out of the cat food, they learned to politely eat on the counter.

The blog hop
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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Wordless Whiskers Wednesday

My Pearl

Some of my favorite cat photos

The bestest cat ever.  Pearl, gone but never forgotten

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Sunday, April 3, 2016


Just for Fun

I have a new pet.  She is really sweet though somewhat self conscious about her unusual and often scary appearance.  I found her one day in a trash can having fallen in there while chasing a racoon. Even though she has little wings they are not really functional so she was quite trapped.  Who can resist those big blue eyes.  I took her home and we have been friends ever since. 

OK, so I am not a great fantasy writer, never said I was.  After surfing the blogs I found Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty and a blog hop called Caturday Art . Some of the photos were digitally enhanced and I could not resist.  
Using PhotoShop's liquify  button I turned my really sweet little tiger (seen below in reality) into the charming little blue eyed dragon cat in the first photo.  Moving the color temperature all the way to warm I then gave her some soulful blue eyes using Windows Picture It.

Like I said, just for fun.  

Sorry Gizzy.

Hop over to Caterday to see some nice pet art. Another site for feline fun is Kittypartay


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