Thursday, October 27, 2016


The latest painting in what I am calling my moon series.  This was painted through guidance of Anne Hamman's "Soulful Story Art" online class.

Acrylic  8x10 on cavas panel.

See this and many more "spooky" paintings at The DPW Painting Challenge 
and scroll down the page.
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Thanks for the view.
Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


One month of ink drawings. 
 One a day.  Rather colorless this week.

An old California mission. 
 Great textures and sculptural cacti. 
 The photo is from Virtual Sketchwalk.

Drawn from the list of suggested themes
 on Inktober 2016. 
"Noise", a puppy furiously barking at imaginary threats.

 The theme was "collect". 
 Well, you can never have just one cat.

This theme was "hunger". 
 Someone here was very hungry.

A "hidden" door. 
 From a photo I took while on a walk 
in a Buffalo, NY neighborhood.

I found this little kitten online.  He looks like the famous circus clown, Emmit Kelly. 
 Don't you think so?

 This theme was "rock".  
The most famous rock structure, Stonehenge.

Those are for the first week.
Many more to go.

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