My version of an alien horse inspired by the movie "Avatar". 
 Acrylic under painting with details in colored pencil.

These two were done with the inspiration of Olga Furman. 
 I am taking her course "Paint Your Heart and Soul". 
 The theme was "Butterfly Dreams". 
My first one went way beyond the lesson but I love it. 
"Dawn" pulling away the night moon and stars.
For the lesson, we were supposed to use a vintage photo.
I used one of my mother when she was very young.

A drawing in graphite pencil, Ebony pencil and colored pencil 
of the lovely Helen Murin. 
I used a photo from the cover of AARP to draw this.   
Guess I gave my age away with that confession.

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  1. Hello Fran, all your paintings are wonderful and so imaginative.
    The Alien Horse is amazing... I too enjoyed Avatar and you've delved right into that world. It's great your use of acrylic and then coloured pencils.
    The Butterfly Dreams paintings are gorgeous and the gentle softness of your last pencil drawing is most beautiful. Such a delight to see them all.
    Happy PPF!

    1. Thanks for the great comments Sue.

    2. Congratulations on being featured in this week's PPF!

  2. What amazing paintings ! I am in awe of your skills Fran! Amazing art!
    Happy start of the new week!
    oxo Susi

  3. You are so talented! What an amazing variety! Love the Helen Mirren and your mom...so well done!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. What gorgeous paintings! I especially love the fantasy horse. Your works are so lovely.

  5. Beautiful work, all of them in their own way. I love the last one, the contrast between the soft grey and the bright yellow flowers.

  6. Amazing paintings made in a special own style. Every piece a wonderful artwork. I love them all.

  7. These are wonderful. My own favourite is the alien avatar horse!

    1. Thank you! I enjoyed making that one and is one of my favorites. Think I will keep it.

  8. Wow!

    What great paintings! I especially love the top too, though they are all enchanting!

  9. Lovely pieces, congrats on today's PPF feature!

  10. Wonderful paintings. I love the alien horse and the girl with the balloons - beautiful.

  11. I just love the sparkles on those blue harem pants - magic! Congrats on the PPF feature :)

  12. Wow Fran, these are so fantastic. Happy you were the selection for this PPF.

  13. You have burst into a new realm with your art. So imaginative and enticing. All of your works are lovely ... I am glad you were chosen to feature this week or I may never have found you.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  14. Fran, these are all so gorgeous...each and every one! My heart fell in love with alien horse...so magical and enchanting.

    Congratulations on being the featured artist this week!!!
    Fantastic art!!! Happy PPF!!!


  15. I really love these paintings Fran! Especially Dawn and the star balloons! What fun!

  16. Hi Fran! Congratulations on being the featured artist for this weeks PPF! Your paintings are beautiful and love the colors you use. Hope you had as much fun creating as I have had seeing them. Thank you for sharing your creativity! Have a wonderful upcoming week, Hugz, Rasz

  17. I love the alien horse. The picture of your mother is breath-taking. I can vividly see her. Blessings, Janet


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