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September 22, 2017

Greeting friends and fellow paint dabblers.  After hurricanes, fires, political upheavals and earthquakes, a little fun and levity is really 

 I made these two animal paintings while Harvey was pouring and blowing. We were very fortunate where I live in that our neighborhood did not flood.  

The first one is a Knabstrupper colt done in paper collage and acrylic and the second one is a painting I made for my daughter's classroom.  Her junior high school's mascot is a gosling.

                          Collage and acrylic on paper                                                   Acrylic on stretched canvas                           

It took me a little time to my mojo back.  My groups. such as Paint Your Heart and Soul, help by posting creative challenges each week.

This one was a theme based on a favorite place.  Myself, my husband and one of our cats in our living room.  I painted this from a photo taken by our daughter.

Acrylic on stretched canvas

...and another favorite place, the beach

duAcrylic on wood
I recently purchased "Daily Painting" by Carole Marine.  The writer tells of her journey through times of learning and times when, as happens in most womens' lives, there was no time for painting. She tells the reader how she "got back in the groove" and built up a thriving business.  The main idea is to paint every day, small pieces that can be completed in one sitting.

I have been successful for two whole days! Wow!
Green Pepper ...and The Empress

                            Acrylic and oil pastel on paper                                                          Acrylic on canvas board

Keep on painting my friends. I will too.


  1. Beautiful paintings, that gosling has stolen my heart. Glad you stayed safe. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Your art is extremely beautiful and inspiring. Adore your animal paintings.
    I'm glad the Harvey did not make harm to you. There have been lot of troubles of hurricanes and flood, sorry about that.
    Have a wonderful weekend xx

  3. Your paintings are beautiful. I love the one of you and your husband and cat :-)

  4. Your paintings are so lovely...the gosling is precious and I adore the canvas of your favourite place! So glad you came away unscathed by the hurricane! You are so right, there is much needed uplifting these days... your blog is a perfect place for that!!

    Peace Giggles

  5. I, too, have that book, it is so inspirational. I try my best to art everyday as it would be impossible for me to actually complete a painting every day, but I follow in spirit. So for you to complete such fabulous works and during weather that would have me anything but calm is amazing. You should be proud.

    Thank you for sharing and being inspirational :D

    Best wishes,

  6. Ok, that's me at the Beach, I miss that so much. Loving looking at all your art. Blessings, Janet

  7. Hi Fran, Congratulations for being featured on this week's Paint Party Friday. You were so hard at work during all that bad weather and have produced such creative pieces. I especially love the scene of you and your Husband - so lovely. Cheers, Sue xx

  8. Really beautiful! Wonderful! Happy PPF! :)

  9. A beautiful collection of paintings Fran. I especially like the one of you, your hubby and cat in the lounge. It looks such a happy painting. I'm so happy to hear that you Harvey didn't cause you too much trouble. Frightening all the same.
    Congratulations of being featured for PPF. Have a great weekend :D

  10. so wonderful their painted pictures!!! congratulation for PPF
    Happy weekend

  11. Love your paintings! Especially the family one

  12. Beautiful work. Love that colt.


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